Thursday, October 8, 2009

Questionnaire for Rudolph Gordon Exercise

After reading "Questionnaire for Rudolph Gordon" you may have noticed that the story and development of character is hinted at through the use of interrogative sentences (in other words: Questions!)

Now you try. Using either a fictional or non-fictional character (for example you could use your own made-up character or a real person like Abraham Lincoln, Bette Davis, John Beckham... etc.) ask a series of probing interrogative questions. Include questions about important events, reactions, personality traits, history, etc. that help TELL a story about the character.

Try to get 100 questions (but at least 21). The image above is a sample from a previous SOTA student. You can read her example as well for a model.

When you're finished, please save your story as "Questionnaire" and send it to my DROPBOX -- make sure your name is on it.

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